Why Tagua?

The diamond of the Amazons

Why buy Tagua

Tagua (tah.gwah) also known as “vegetable ivory” is a seed that grows wild in the rainforest of South America. After drying, it becomes rock solid resembling ivory in color, texture and hardness.

The ruthless poaching of animal ivory has endangered…

the survival of the African elephant. However, the tagua nut provides a practical alternative, since its vegetable ivory looks like the animal ivory.

Hundreds of acres of rain forest are burned and slashed ..

everyday and exterminating native plants and animals for plantation of exportable products, such as fast growing pines, oil palms, rubber, etc.. by buying tagua from local families SoloNutJewelry is helping to avoid this disaster.

But the tagua palm offers still more!…

The fine powder left after processing is used to enrich animal foods. It also serves as a combustible for making charcoal. The leaves of the palm make water-resistant roofing. Additionally, the harvesting and processing as well as the exportation of tagua provide employment for the local people.

So, when you choose to purchase a product made from tagua, you can be sure your money is going towards a great cause!


Tagua process